Change Title Tags to Page Tags

Good SEO Tips!

Instead of displaying the blog title first, why not to change it with the name of your post. This is what Blogger have come up with a simple fix for this problem, where tag <data:blog.pageTitle/> been changed to <data:blog.pageName>. This is actually a good SEO as it made keywords from your post titles appear before your blog title.

If you are using new Blogger tampletes, you can ignore this. But if you are not so sure, just go to to your HTML edit menu and try to find the tag. If your blog still using <data:blog.pageTitle/>, just follow simple step below to changed it.

Go to Layout]edit HTML in your Blogger dashboard.
Search for this tag: <data:blog.pageTitle/>

Replace this tag with the following:
<b:if cond='data:blog.pageType == "index"'>

Save your template!

So how to prove that the tag have been changed?
Just look at the post pages, the default (blog name) page title format for your post titles in the browser window will be replaced solely by your post title instead.

This will increase the chances of your posts being picked up in search engine results for keywords which appear in your post titles (and can ultimately help draw more targeted traffic to your blog).

I hope this information will be useful to all bloggers out there.

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