FB lagi?

First they ridiculed Islam in general. Than attacked Allah Almighty..... If that wasn't enough for them, they supported the vulgar and indecent as well as satirising catroon depictions of the most revered personality in the world, the blessings for all universes, the holy Prophet Muhammad (PBUH) and NOW................ 

The zionist owned, Islamophobic Facebook is NOW supporting a "Everyone Burn Quran Day" and a "Everyone Draw Allah Day" (Nauzbillah) after fully backing atleast two GLOBAL events for Ridiculing (Nauzbillah) the Holy Prophet PBUH.

Honestly think What would be OUR reaction if someone would make dirty pictures and/or insult our parents in the public daliy? Ask yourself if Prophet Muhammad (PBUH), Allah, Quran and Islam and even less than that for you. Rise and BOYCOTT FB forever. Come and UNITE at MFB NOW.

This is the group to unite and answer these people. They have inflammed the emotions of OVER 1.60 BILLION Muslims as well as decent people of all faiths.

We want to tell Zionist terrorist and hatemonger Mark Zukerberg that .... YOU think that muslims are spineless or backward ........... NO we are not. We will unite and do all we can to teach you a lesson InshAllah.

WAKE UP MUSLIMS ........... WE CANNOT SIT BACK NOW ....... Let us all UNITE and bring down the Zionist OWNED, Islamophobic Facebook by taking away the 50% of it's revenue it is earning from Muslims. 

We will get it closed (InshAllah) and make an example out of it so any such "Satan" would think a million times before doing carryingout such "lowly, hate-mongering and anti-islamic attacks" in future. 

NOW we have our own SEAPRATE millatfacebook FB and we will ensure it brings down this Goliath known as the ZIONIST OWNED & ANTI-ISLAMIC FB (InshAllah). Come and join hands ........... SPREAD the MeSsAgE. 

REMEMBER : Allah does NOT need any help from us. But we always NEED his blessings. For this we have to stand up NOW to save ourselves and be successful in this world and the hereafter. We will show the world that YES we CAN and we WILL WIN InshAllah.

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