Safety Measures to be taken when trapped in the Elevator

Safety Measures to be taken when trapped in the Elevator.

When an elevator breaks down with people trapped inside, the greatest danger arises when people panic.


1.      Stay calm and try to reassure anyone who shows sign of panic. Instill confidence and explain that you are not in danger, that help can be summoned in several ways, and that there is no possibility of the elevator falling out of control down the shaft. Elevators have mechanical safety brakes, which will operate in all situations, even during power failures.
2.      Use the alarm button or the telephone inside the elevator to call for help. This will alert other occupants in the building of your situation
3.      If there is no alarm system, bang on the door of the said elevator and shout for help.
4.      Remain patient. There is plenty of air and the interior of the elevator is designed for passenger safety.
5.      Sit down while you wait. The majority of injuries mainly occurs when the elevator suddenly begins to move and people are caught off guard causing them to fall if not seated.
6.      Once you have contacted someone outside, explain what has happened and ask him to get expert help at once.
7.      Tell your contact to dial 999 (BOMBA).
8.      Stay calm and wait, you may get hungry, thirsty and worried, but you will survive.


1.      Never try to escape from the elevator without help from an expert outside.
2.      Do not try to force the inner elevator doors open.
3.      If the elevator doors have opened between floors, never try to get out, even if somebody wants to assist you.
4.      Do not be tempted to climb out of any hatch there may be in the elevator’s ceiling /hatch
·         The elevator hatch is designed for professional personnel who will provide assistance from the outside of the elevator cab.

Safety First

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